Social Media adverts beats TV?

For the past 30+ years TV advertising has been the most powerful influence on our spending decisions. But has that changed, has the ‘box’ been trumped?

Can social media ads, or at least ads on Facebook, outperform similar ads on television?

It seems the answer is “yes.”

A study conducted by NeuroFocus presented the same Visa ad in three viewing contexts: a typical televison ad “pod,” and as an embedded video on a Visa website and Facebook. The subjects’ brain activity was monitored using Electroencephalography (EEG) to assess: attention, emotional engagement, and memory retention.

The results were a little mixed, but do seem good news for Facebook. See here for the results.

BUT, before you shift your budget considered this: NeuroFocus was hired by Facebook to do this research. A similar study by Innerscope Research showed TV in a position of dominant strength and (surprise surprise!) the research was funded by Fox TV.

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